Why the Natural History Museum is the perfect venue for a celebration

The Golborne Collection are proud to list The Natural History Museum as another of our prestigious, sought-after event locations. Founded in 1881 it has since become one of the most important scientific establishments in history. The Natural History Museum is a world-renowned institution that has been captivating visitors for over a century. Its collections include over 80 million specimens, ranging from fossils and minerals to plants and animals. The museum's mission is to promote the discovery, understanding, and enjoyment of the natural world, and it has played a key role in scientific research and education for generations. 

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum

Flexible spaces to suit any size party

Whether you're looking for a small, intimate gathering or a larger celebration, the museum offers unique and awe-inspiring spaces. From the stunning Hintze Hall to the dramatic Earth Hall, the areas are versatile and will be customised to reflect your theme and style of celebration. You can add access to the museum's exhibits and activities with the opportunities for guided tours as an extra treat for your guests. Offering a private view of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is always a special addition to any event. 

The stunning venue provides a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

One of the best things about hosting a party at the Natural History Museum is the stunning and completely unique backdrop it provides. With exhibits like the dinosaur skeletons and the butterfly pavilion, you'll have plenty of rare and memorable photo opportunities. Not to mention the museum's incredible architecture and design, which provide a visually stunning setting for your special celebration. Guests will be transported to a different world dancing amongst some of the most precious relics ever discovered. 

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum


The grand Hintze Hall, which lies in the heart of the museum, contains many interesting specimens including the biggest animal in the world, the blue whale, as well as the tallest, the giraffe. Hintze Hall is the largest and most impressive space on offer, able to accommodate up to 1,200 guests. The grand entrance with its dramatic Victorian architecture, features a stunning stone staircase which looks incredible when filled with candles. The vast arched Romanesque ceiling contains elegant paintings depicting a wide array of plants from across the earth in dazzling gold, green and red colours. 


As the name suggests, Fossil Way is home to an incredible collection of fossils, as well as a giant sloth. Long stylish sofas under a glass ceiling make it the perfect spot for pre-dinner reception drinks. Guests may even enjoy the popular annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which is directly accessed from this space.


Located through the modern Darwin Centre entrance, this beautiful space is home to historic prints depicting the natural world through the eyes of artists and scientists. A visual treat centred around a long formal dining table, this is a truly unique setting for distinguished evening events.


Prepare for a celestial treat in the Earth Hall which contains incredible objects including precious metals and moon rock, which represent the story of our solar system and planets. A captivating backdrop of cosmic maps with a Stegosaurus centrepiece makes this the ideal location for grand dinners to really wow your guests.

Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum
Natural History Museum


Another great choice for intimate and elegant dining is Earth’s Treasury which has a scintillating display of unique samples from Stonehenge Rock to a collection of gold nuggets.


The Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery is a wonderful space for drink receptions due to its size and shape. With an array of exhibits to explore including an actual earthquake simulator, there are plenty of topics of conversation to be ignited in this space.


A more contemporary design is on offer in the Darwin Centre with curved concrete walls and a crisp white limestone floor. Reflective glass and steel beams give a modern twist and set the scene for another bright and stylish event location.

The Natural History Museum and Golborne are the perfect combination.

The Natural History Museum aptly referred to as ‘a cathedral to nature’ is positively brimming with inspiration for any spectacular event. Let your imagination run wild as we create a bespoke event in this one-of-a-kind space. The Golborne Collection will take care of every detail from setting up decorations to coordinating with vendors, so that you can relax and enjoy the celebrations. Contact Golborne today and together we will create a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guests to enjoy.