Wedding trends for 2024: Our predictions

Whilst we always aim to design weddings which are timeless, classic and elegant, we know that the trends of the moment do influence our couples and we love working these into our designs. We admit we don't aim to design 'trendy' weddings as we'd hate for the photos to date in any other way than with beautiful nostalgia but we do enjoy weaving in modern touches. Our predictions for the trends of 2024 include; 

Something blue 

We're seeing a resurgence of the love of the colour blue. This works especially well in the warmer months and gives a fresh and classic feel to a wedding. Anything but cold, adding in tones of blue brings to mind images of dreamy summer skies, lapping waves against white sands and English country garden overflowing flowerbeds. 

Think frothy blue florals, blue tinted glassware, blue ribbon tied favours, blue hemstitch napkins. 

Hot Metals

Based on a Pinterest Predicts 2024 trend, we think this is absolutely going to bleed through to wedding design. We've seen a surge in requests for warm metals such as gold and rose and we think it'll translate well into florals in terms of the tones and the actual containers the flowers themselves are in. We think it'll be subtle but add a very glam edge to this years weddings.

Think gold touches on lounge furniture, metallic rimmed glassware, metal vases for florals. 

Oversized bows

We love the trend for bows, in fact we never stopped loving bows so we're glad they're back in full force. The obvious way this trend will shine through is in the wedding dress and there's nothing more dramatic than a huge bow on the back of a dress. Equally though we think we'll see lots of bow details within hairstyles, perhaps in the bridesmaids if not the bride. The trend can also bleed seamlessly through to the table styling, florals and favours. 

Think bow detail hair ties, oversized ribbons on napkins, bow backed chair designs and dramatic wedding dress details. 

Plant based menus 

Absolutely not a trend - this is the way we now see all events going and we don't think it'll ever change. We're here for fully vegetarian menus and now that the world is fully on board, fully vegan menus are now as every bit as delicious as their meat counterparts. It's so exciting to taste the creative designs from our favourite caterers and we have been seen to double take at a beetroot soaked aubergine dish which looked so similar to a steak we almost questioned it. 

Think fully vegetarian starters, earth inspired foraged dishes and meat mimicking mains. 

An ethereal touch

We love the 'Be Jelly' Pinterest Predicts trend and would love to see this within weddings this year. Inspired by the floating form of jellyfish this would translate into soft florals such as draping, of course the wedding dress and bridal party outfits and we think into tablescapes as well. It feels so fitting and romantic that we'll be suggesting ideas along these lines. 

Dessert Stations 

We're seeing a continued trend towards breaking with tradition and moving away from the way things 'should' be done. Often we are asked if we can shorten the wedding breakfast to make time for a longer reception and/or dancing. A great way to do this is to have a standing dessert and not only does it help reduce your time at the table, it means that you can go wild with the options. As people will be standing, everything needs to be easy to eat so bite size options work well and you can have amazing variety. We see it time and time again, people love returning to a pudding stall and they allow a great area to be really creative and have lots of fun.