A Riverside Retreat at Oakley Court

Oakley Court: A Hidden Gem Along the Thames

Nestled along the picturesque banks of the River Thames, Oakley Court is a hidden gem that we recently had the pleasure of discovering. This Victorian mansion house's rich history dating back to 1859 exudes charm and elegance. Oakley Court has been lovingly restored and reinvented with modern design and quintessentially British touches, making it the perfect venue for private celebrations and retreats. During our visit, we were captivated by the mansion's stunning setting, its lush 35-acre grounds, and the unique experiences it offers to its guests.

A Slice of Victorian Elegance

The moment you arrive at Oakley Court, you'll be transported back in time. Oakley Court's rich history is evident in the exquisite Victorian architecture of the mansion house. The stately building exudes the timeless charm of the era, with its grand facade and elegant interiors. Originally constructed as a family home, Oakley Court has been lovingly restored and reinvented as a boutique hotel, blending classic design with modern touches. The mansion's Victorian architecture is a testament to its storied past, and its location on a private stretch of the River Thames known as Water Oakley adds an air of exclusivity. The estate's historical significance is evident in every detail, making it an enchanting backdrop for special occasions.

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The Gardens and the Kitchen Garden

Oakley Court's expansive grounds are a sight to behold. The estate is home to a beautiful kitchen garden where many of the ingredients are used in the House Menu, as well as The Strand’s 180 Studios. For those who appreciate farm-to-table dining experiences, the garden tours with Chef Johnnie Collins are a must. After the tour, Chef Collins will craft a delicious lunch or dinner using freshly picked ingredients, creating a culinary experience to remember. It's a delightful way to connect with the land and savour the flavours of the region.

Akira Shimizu and Guest Chefs

Oakley Court’s kitchen garden, and hand-picked suppliers and producers, are brought together by top chefs for their house menu alongside daily specials by Akira Shimizu.

Guest chefs Matt Zielonka 'The Pasta Man', the master Executive Chef Shimizu Akira of AKIRA restaurant at Japan House and Johnnie Collins of 180 Strand will be hosting throughout the year at Oakley. It is possible to book an experience with one of these chefs directly with Oakley Court

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Tennis Courts and Health Space

For those looking for a more active stay, Oakley Court offers tennis courts and a dedicated health space. Whether you want to break a sweat on the tennis court or unwind with yoga and wellness activities, the estate provides ample opportunities for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Honey from the Estate

One of the unique aspects of Oakley Court is its commitment to sustainability and self-sufficiency. The estate proudly produces its own honey, a sweet reminder of the dedication to preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings. The taste of locally sourced honey is a true delight, offering guests a chance to savour the flavours of the estate in a jar.

Eagle & Hodges Furniture

Artistic and tasteful, the furniture at Oakley Court is sourced from Eagle & Hodges. What makes it even more special is that many pieces are available for purchase. The quintessentially British touches in the décor give the mansion an authentic charm, making it a true home away from home.

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The Versatile Event Spaces

Whether you're planning a private celebration or a retreat, Oakley Court offers a range of event spaces to suit your needs. The smaller boardrooms, of which there are five, come in various sizes and can accommodate up to 18 people in a boardroom setting. For larger gatherings, the Big Rooms in the Mansion House are incredibly versatile. They can be split into two spaces and accommodate up to 160 for dining and 200 in a theatre-style setup. These spaces provide a blank canvas for your event, allowing you to transform them to suit your vision.

Art Meets Recreation

One of the most unique features of Oakley Court is the "bouncy castle" at the Alex Eagle Sporting Club. This art installation, titled 'Sacrilege' by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, is a life-sized inflatable replica of Stonehenge. Guests are not only welcome but encouraged to bounce on it when inflated, adding a playful and unexpected element to your stay.

River Adventures

In the summer months, Oakley Court offers self-drive boats moored by their jetty. For those seeking a more leisurely river experience, local boat companies can arrange boat trips along the Thames, collecting and dropping off guests directly at the hotel. It's a fantastic way to explore the scenic surroundings, and some guests even choose to arrive at the estate by boat, adding an extra layer of luxury to their visit.

A Royal Touch

An interesting fact about Oakley Court is that it shares its gardeners with Windsor Castle, a testament to the estate's commitment to maintaining its lush and manicured gardens to the highest standards.

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Book your Oakley Court Event with The Golborne Collection

During our stay at Oakley Court, we were enchanted by the beauty, history, and unique experiences this estate offers. With a wide range of event spaces, extensive grounds, and captivating experiences, we highly recommend Oakley Court for private celebrations and retreats. This hidden gem along the Thames will create cherished memories for those seeking a luxurious and serene escape.

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