Our 'Ins and Outs' of 2024

The new year brings with it the most refreshing change of energy. We're suckers for a new years resolution and we couldn't resist the chance to look at our goals and what we're doing more and less of in 2024. The year ahead is already filled with exciting events in incredible venues and is set to be our biggest yet. We talked about this recently on Instagram so head there for our full list but here's a bit more detail on a few of the areas we're focussing more time on and what we're doing much less of. 

IN - Saying yes to opportunities 

We're saying 'yes' to more in 2024. We are so lucky to get invited to the most incredible events, parties and trips. Life is really busy though, especially when you're juggling work and a family and therefore we don't always say yes to as much as we could do. However we know how truly lucky we are to get these opportunities and so you'll hear us saying YES a lot more! 

OUT - Negotiating on our fee - we work hard for every penny

This is a really important one for us. When you love events and love working in incredible venue and with amazing suppliers, it can be easy to drop your fee to be appointed. Whilst short term this feels good, we really do work our socks off to earn every penny of that fee and we don't work any less for a lower fee. So as hard as it may be, we will sometimes have to say goodbye to some events if the budget doesn't allow for our full fee. 

IN - Thinking big. Really big & setting goals which are daringly ambitious

We've rolled these two together and they're perhaps our most exciting goals of the year. The last three years in the world of events has been a wild ride. We've been faced with global lockdowns rendering live events illegal, a huge issue with supply chain, snowballing costs, a cost of living crisis and in-between all this we've had three new babies between us bringing our total Golborne child count to a very busy 4! Safe to say that it's been challenging and we've been pinching ourselves at the success we've been lucky enough to experience.

Now that we've had the chance to review where the business is at and feel reassured that hopefully things are stabilising in our industry, we're prepping to really push the company to new heights. We are so extremely proud of the events that we produce and the clients we work with. We genuinely feel like we're living in a dream when we walk through the galleries of incredible venues such as the V&A after hours. And we want more of it all. We're consciously growing the business, chasing big goals and aiming high. 

OUT - Going with the norms - in 2024 we're mixing up formats. 

This is a very exciting 'out' - we are determined to really challenge ourselves with the formats we're proposing to clients. Especially so as we work repeatedly in certain venues so it's important that we don't ever become a cookie cutter agency. Really digesting the brief, the objectives and what our client is looking to achieve is key to designing different set ups, ideas that will surprise and formats that haven't been seen before. 

IN - Growing our talented team 

Alongside our big goals has come a big workload and it's means we need even more good people. We're really lucky that we work already with an amazing team and we really couldn't do it without them but we need more of them! We're always super appreciative of recommendations and referrals so send those great people you know our way, we want to meet them. 

OUT - Getting to burnout stage. 

When will we learn?? We are true perfectionists and so this one is going to be hard. We tend to work and work until we really can't work any more. And then we close the laptops and deal with busy family life. It's a lot and we know we need to make time to slow down, take care of ourselves and recognise when we need to delegate a little more. Burnout isn't big and it isn't clever and we're really determined not to get to that stage this year. 

What are your ins and outs for the 2024? We'd love to hear them.