Once in a lifetime experiences

When a brief drops into our inbox, asking us to create a special event packed with once in a lifetime experiences, it’s always an exciting day as there’s nothing we love more than this brief. We are very lucky in our jobs that we get to spend time in some of the most iconic and special venues, we taste the food of renowned chefs, we see destinations and locations to take your breath away and book jaw dropping entertainment and talent. Access to such experiences means that when we get the brief for a totally ‘wow’ experience event, we can jump into action to pull together the most incredible and totally unforgettable itinerary. 

Experience WOW from the off

We always love starting once in a lifetime experience events like this with a bang. Generally speaking, that involves the way that guests are invited to the event. Having an incredible, tactile, and definitely physical invite, really sets the tone of what’s to come. If guests are travelling for the event, perhaps it’s a fully personalised travel kit complete with a silk eye mask for the journey, a gorgeous, embossed leather luggage tag and some high-end treats and snacks for the way. Having gifts that link to the nature of the event gives a little insight into the days ahead and gets guests excited for the experience. Ensuring these are personalised and high-quality means that guests will tend to keep these as mementoes for years to come – the perfect way to remember the experience.

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Transport that is unforgettable

Transporting your guests to the event is a brilliant chance to curate the best experience possible from the word go. If you’re flying guests to a destination, perhaps it’s hiring a private jet and creating a first-class experience or having all guests chauffeured in vintage cars to the destination. If your event packed with once in a lifetime experiences is all about partying, we can re-skin a luxury coach and create a party bus of sorts, brimming with entertainment and fun activities. 

An incredible venue or location

Choosing a venue to host your once in a lifetime experiences event is one of the biggest points to consider. It needs to be somewhere that has meaning to you, perhaps in a part of the country you adore spending time in, or somewhere that holds previous fond memories. If going abroad, maybe it’s a country you love or somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Ensuring that there are the right number of bedrooms to accommodate all your guests comfortably is important and that the travel will work well is also worth considering. International destinations always have great appeal but equally somewhere closer to home means that your guests can return to that venue or location in the years to come to reminisce about the experiences. 

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Once in a lifetime experiences

For this type of trip, we like to present lots of ideas of truly wow experiences. These activities can range from the extravagant through to the truly detailed and personalised. Hosting a gorgeous lunch but transporting guests via hot air balloon, helicopters or even speedboats is a very memorable way to kick off an afternoon. Creating unexpected touches really cements how considered a programme is.

Entertainment is also a really exciting layer to add to an event. Is it an intimate performance from a well know musical act who normally only performs to thousands, or perhaps the cast of a theatre production performing especially for you. Even on a more relaxed note, introducing an insight into a film from an actor or director ahead of a private movie screening is really exciting. The right type of entertainment all depends on the host and what fits with you, and we have so many options to suggest once we get to know you.

A one-off, never to be recreated menu

We do love to create very special menus for events of this nature. We spend time with the hosts to understand their favourite cuisines, their favourite restaurants, and the best meals they’ve had. Creating meals from the past or even childhood favourites is such a lovely way to add personal touches to a curated menu. We often bring in Michelin star chefs to design once in a lifetime experience dinners and to then introduce them on the night. To have a chef who runs a restaurant that’s almost impossible to secure a seat in, one with months long waiting lists, then cook privately for your guests introducing each course and explaining how it’s been designed especially for you, is truly special. 

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The way we work to create once in a lifetime experiences

This type of event is one we specialise in. We take the time to get to know the individual or couple hosting an event, what makes them tick and what ‘wow’ means to them. Following this, we put together a full portfolio of ideas to talk through, hand select the right venues and destinations and then present these for feedback. Designing the perfect programme from start to finish, including all the many layers of detail is a process we love. Creating forever memorable, once in a lifetime experiences is where we excel and we can’t wait to design one for you. Get in touch to start the ball rolling on your unforgettable, once in a lifetime event.