Luxury Retreats for C Suite, senior team or top clients

It's that time of year, the fresh September period when thoughts turn to new beginnings, reassessment of goals and there is a renewed sense of motivation.

We love it. September and January have the same feel for us - a great time to look ahead. It's no surprise then that at The Golborne Collection, we are often asked for high-end, luxury retreat ideas for C Suite, Senior teams or those extra special clients for these times of the year.

Treat your senior team or top clients with a Golborne Collection retreat

Taking away your senior team or top clients to escape the city, escape everyday desk life and think big picture is the ultimate work escape. Blue sky thinking and big ideas come from these escapes. It’s refreshing to have that dedicated time to just focus on business whether it be ideas, goals, analysis or future planning. Having said that when you’re taking the time of a senior team for days rather than hours, it has to be truly worthwhile and that is not only important for the content but the venue and itinerary too. Therefore, we’ve put together ideas for areas of a programme like this which we feel are important to properly consider. 

Luxury retreat venues

When you’re planning a retreat, it needs to feel like just that – an escape. We find that retreat guest numbers tend to be smaller to allow for a focused experience. Therefore, finding a venue where your group feels big is important. You don’t want to be lost among tens or hundreds of other rooms unless you can take a secluded section of a venue. Assuming you are accommodating your guests on-site, we find that focussing on smaller, boutique-style hotels works really well as not only do they have the bedrooms, the other facilities on-site such as the restaurants and the event space will be a fitting size. 

We love venues such as Heckfield Place  (45 bedrooms), Hever Castle (27 bedrooms), Oakley Court (95 bedrooms) or Chilham Castle (15 bedrooms). Taking a space exclusively is the ultimate solution as then you have a free run of all the facilities for the time of your stay which often means you can have more freedom with branding. 

luxury retreat venue ideas
where to host your c suite retreat

High-end retreat activities

No matter how key the content for a retreat is, we find that some form of activity is also really important. However, a typical teambuilding activity often doesn’t feel right hence why we’re often asked for high-end retreat ideas when it comes to activities. We’ve pulled together interactive workshops such as bread art led by a renowned chef, foraging across hotel grounds followed by a herb workshop and even wild swimming for those more adventurous guests.

 Activities need to feel high-end, creative and unexpected. They should give guests the chance to do something they don’t normally do in their day-to-day lives and ultimately be fun but not forced. 

c suite activities for your luxury retreat
high end executive retreats

Food for thought

When you are bringing together guests for a couple of days, considering your overall menu is really important. We try to design a balanced blend of great brain foods (substantial salads and lean proteins), satisfying foods (think an indulgent afternoon tea) and surprising dinners (perhaps a well-known chef or a locally sourced menu). The tempo of the event is very important to consider and food is a great thread to run throughout. Gone are the days when it’s ok to serve pastries, biscuits, a buffet lunch and a bog standard 3-course meal at the end of a long day. Food should be inspiring, exciting and create conversations. 

menu for luxury retreats
importnace of food for a luxury work retreat
treat your clients with a delicious menu at a golborne luxury retreat

Stunning details that make retreats unforgettable

A large part of the proposals for Luxury retreat ideas are filled with little details. We think these are as important as the venue in fact. These details show how truly considered the event is. Perhaps it’s a branded or personalised towel, unique or limited edition room gifts or thoughtful keepsake name cards at dinner. The programme itself should be well considered and have a great flow – avoiding hours spent sitting in a room without breaks. We know that people comment and appreciate details and they’re often not expensive but really add an extra level to a luxury retreat.

special details at C suite level luxury retreats
unforgettable details create luxury retreats

Let Golborne take your C Suite Retreat to the next level

At Golborne we regularly plan this type of event and would love to discuss your next retreat. 

Get in touch and let's discuss how we can raise the bar and show your senior team or clients how much you appreciate them.