Interview with Domino Purchas, our luxury cake designer

Good cake is hard to find....

As every luxury wedding and event planner knows, trusted relationships with talented suppliers is key to the success of your events. Domino Purchas is our go-to cake designer for all our luxury events and celebrations. Whether for a wedding, private birthday or corporate, Domino makes the process easy. Reliable and professional and incredibly talented, her cakes are truly gorgeous works of art that always taste amazing.

Domino’s cakes are as bespoke, and tailor made as the events we plan. Her unique designs for us have included 21st birthday disco theme, Harry Potter wedding cake, traditionally elegant wedding cakes for the Wallace collection, Art Deco 40th Birthday cake, decadent gold drip birthday cakes, gold leaf wedding cakes, statement cakes for styled shoots…the list goes on!

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Introducing Domino ...

Wedding cake designer Domino Purchas specialises in creating beautiful and delicious cakes for people who care about food.

A graphic designer by trade, Domino has transferred her creative skills into the amazing world of cakes. Over the years she has developed and honed her unique style and mouth-watering flavours. Perfection doesn't come quickly when it comes to cakes, but for Domino it really is a labour of love - a passion from a very young age that has grown to where it is today.

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• Tell me about your background and how you got into cake designing?

I’ve always made cakes, ever since I could hold a wooden spoon to stir the mix in my grandmother’s house! I’ve had a passion for baking for as long as I can remember. I went into graphic design after university, but it still didn’t have the allure of cake making. I was always making cakes for friends’ birthdays and weddings. Eventually I decided to turn it into a business and I haven’t looked back.

• What is a typical work day like for you?

Sitting down with my team first thing and running through the cake diary and plan of action. Filling cakes, icing cakes and decorations takes up most of the day. Sending order packs and invoices and quotes throughout the week.

Lows: keeping on top of emails.

Highs: creating an amazing design with a client

• Where do you get your inspiration for designs?

I get my inspiration from my clients: knowing them, understanding them and their loves, their lives. Everyone has different tastes. My job is to create a “bit of them”. I also keep on top of trends in fashion and interiors design—even leading florists.

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Luxury Wedding Cake, Wedding Cake, Gold Wedding Cake
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• How long does one of your typical wedding cakes take to make?

A week with help from three colleagues

• What has been your favourite cake to design and work on to date, and why?

Jodie Kidd’s wedding cake was great fun. I loved designing her cake. She gave me free rein and was such a pleasure to work with. However, all my clients have been fantastic, it’s such fun working in the world of cakes! 

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• We’ve had a really hot summer this year does that create challenges for you?

Yes, yes, yes! Heat is a cake makers’ nemesis. Of course, I can regulate the temperature when I’m making cakes. But when you transport the cake, and especially when you set it up at the location, you don’t know what the temperature will be. Often people want a cake set up in direct sunlight. If people are getting married in summer they should bear this in mind. If it’s a super-hot day they should even consider cutting the cake before sitting down. Nobody wants a melted cake!

• What do you think the trends will be for wedding cakes next year

I think cakes will be bolder: geometric shaping with metallic design. Instead of fine sugar craft and delicate flowers, I predict bigger statement pieces.

• How much sugar goes into making a 4-tier wedding cake?

Quite a bit. But you don’t need to know, or think about it, as it’s your special day and it’s a time to celebrate and enjoy the delicious things in life!

• Do you have any advice and tips for aspiring cake designers

Keep on baking and keep on challenging yourself to create something that you think is beyond your abilities. Still, after many years of professional cake making, I’m asked to design and make cakes that I have never done before. This is the beauty of the craft—you’re always learning.

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Domino has also recently formed a new company, Coco Blanche, with close friends Lucy and Nic. Coco Blanche provides bespoke cookery courses and demonstrations for adults and children as well as cakes to order - produced by Domino!

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