Choosing a wedding planner in London

We know that choosing a wedding planner in London can feel like a huge challenge. We are lucky to receive lots of enquiries from newly engaged couples looking for help with planning their celebrations. Over the years we have worked with so many couples to create incredible weddings and it has left us with a really great sense of how you should choose your planner. 


When it comes to your wedding planner choice, we would say that considering the nature of your celebrations is important. Some wedding planners have a very set style and you want this to align with your vision. At The Golborne Collection we specialise in luxury weddings. We are experts in planning weddings within London spaces as well, especially unique venues. We are proud to offer exceptional service and deliver time and time again. Creating a flawless wedding is our ultimate goal.

It is important though to look at previous wedding by a planner. Have they delivered weddings that you can spend hours looking at? Are their portfolio images the idea of your perfect wedding? If so, you can start to get the sense that this planner may be the right one for you.


It's really important to select a wedding planner who has experience in the type of wedding you are looking to create. If, for example, you know you want your wedding to be in London however the planner has only worked in country estates and spaces, they may not be right.

We are specialists in high production, complex venues and builds. London venue spaces such as the Natural History Museum, the Design Museum or the V&A are dream wedding venues. They are however, dry hire spaces meaning that you need to bring in absolutely everything down to the chairs, tables and even the kitchen! This doesn't phase us at all. We are very comfortable delivering events in venues like this. We thrive on a tight get in and a complicated event set up. No challenge is too much! 

Equally if you are looking for a wedding planner to oversee a big build, perhaps a marquee space or a glamping village for your guests, it's important to find someone with prior experience of this. All venues are so different and a good planner can easily adapt however prior experience gives you confidence so don't be afraid to question this.


This may sound silly but you need to really like your wedding planner! You'll be having a lot of conversations with them and spending a fair amount of time with them. It's therefore important that you get on. We feel such an honour when planning a wedding and we're so lucky that we've always really bonded with our couples. Your wedding day can be so emotional - we just can't explain the feeling of having everyone you love in one room. It's exciting, intense and truly wonderful. 


Trusting your planner is so important. Do you feel they can deliver? Do they make you feel calm? It's similar to how we approach our suppliers. You have to feel completely confident. You also just get a sense that they'll deliver, no matter what. On the day itself you don't want to have to think of the logisitics at all - that's what your planner is for. Trust is key. 

Overall, we suggest trusting your gut. It's one of the best ways to make a call about your planner. But the above is a useful list to help you asses whether you think they are 'the one'. 

"Working with them was the best wedding decision we made, we cannot recommend Golborne enough. We had the best experience working with Golborne for our wedding. The team are not only outstanding at event planning, they are lovely people and a real pleasure to work with. Every detail was thought of and looked after, leaving us to enjoy all the lead up to the wedding and the day itself. ”